ANW Residency iPhone Program

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The Abbott Northwestern Internal Medicine Residency Program continues to innovate in educational technology for residents. Recently, the program has transitioned away from residents and faculty carrying multiple electronic devices (pagers, iPAQs, cell phones) with the introduction of the ANW iPhone Program in 2009. The residency program supplements the cost of an iPhone for its residents and faculty. This phone acts as the physician's pager, cell phone, and an "always-connected" interface to the ANW web-based toolset, as well as multiple other online references (UpToDate, DiagnosisPro, Epocrates) via WiFi signal in the hospital and cellular 3G signal outside of the hospital.

The phone works as a text pager receiving all incoming pages from nurses in text format. It also functions as a physician-to-physician communication device via text messaging software. Most physicians will use this phone as both a personal and work phone. The paging interface for nursing staff only shows physican names, rather than phone numbers and iPhone functions allow for the ability to easily separate work from home. This program facilitates the use of a single "convergence device" in the iPhone. In 2014, the program became expanded to accomodate iPhone and Android devices.

Below you will find a variety of resources to help setup, troubleshoot, and expand the capabilities of your iPhone.

iPhone Resources for faculty and resident