You have the choice between two files: "All Contacts" or "New Additions." "All contacts" contains all current users with cell phones as pagers. "New additions" contains people added since the last "All Contacts" list was published. If you have downloaded the previous "All Contacts" file in the history below, you should only need the current "New Additions" file.

Version Upload History:

iPhone Users

Type in the email address below for the E-mail account you can access via your smartphone MAIL application. Select the "All Contacts iPhone or Android" or "New Additions iPhone or Android" from the drop down list. Click "Send Contact List". Then open the email you just sent to yourself in your "MAIL" application ON YOUR iPhone.  You will see an icon at the bottom of the email that contains the contact (.vcf on an iPhone, .csv on an Android device) file you asked for here.  Click on that icon to import the contact list directly to your smartphone contacts.

If you are on an iPhone, it will show you the contacts that are contained in the file and you should click on "Add All x# Contacts" at the top of this iPhone screen.

It will ask if you want to "Create New Contacts" or "Merge with Contacts".  Click on "Merge with Contacts".  It will then merge any duplicate contacts you already have on your iPhone with the updated version of those in the downloaded file if there are any. If there are new contacts in the file that you don’t already have a version of on your iPhone (which is the usual case), it will ask if you would like to "Create New Contacts".  Click on the "Create New Contacts" button at this point.

All the contacts contained in the file attached to this email have now been added onto your iPhone.

If you would rather import them onto your computer and then sync with your phone from there, follow the instructions below.

Non-iPhone/Android Users or People who want to import the contacts into MS Outlook

Send the "All Contacts Outlook" or "New Additions Outlook" file in the dropdown menu "All Contacts OUTLOOK" to your email that you access on your computer that has your current contacts on it. It will have a .csv file attached. Disregard the instructions in the email, these are for the iPhone/Android. Save the contact_full.csv file to your desktop. Then open the contacts program you have (i.e. Microsoft Outlook). Click on the IMPORT function of your specific program and navigate to the .csv file on your desktop and import it. This will add the "ANW mobile phone" contacts into your computer's contact list. IF YOU ARE IMPORTING INTO OUTLOOK, HERE ARE THE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS once you have the file downloaded.


If you have not logged into the ANW toolset or this form on this computer recently, you will initially see a log-in screen below. It will then take you to the contact download form.