General iPhone Setup Instructions

  1. Go to "SETTINGS" menu:
    1. Under "Wi-Fi", add the Provider Net wireless connection to connect to while in the hospital. It will automatically connect when you are in the hospital, and saves on your data, because anything you access while on WiFi doesn't count towards your data usage from AT&T. And you use a lot less battery when connected to WiFi instead of using the data signal from AT&T (battery saver).
    2. Under "Sounds":
      1. Turn volume all the way up
      2. Under "New Text Message" I suggest either "ELECTRONIC" or "GLASS" as the loudest alerts for pages
      3. Shut off, "New Mail", "Sent Mail", "Calendar Alerts", "Lock Sounds", "Keyboard Clicks" unless you want them on (battery saver)
    3. Under "Brightness":
      1. Turn Auto-Brightness to "ON" (battery saver)
    4. Under "General":
      1. Shut off Bluetooth unless you know you need it (battery saver)
      2. Note the location of the "Reset" menu at the bottom of this screen. This is where you can reset your phone if it is acting goofy.
    5. Under "Messages":
      1. Make sure "Repeat Alert" is set to "ON" so that if you miss the first text message alert, it alerts you q5min x 2 more
    6. Set up an email account under "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
      1. Once you have an email account that you access from the MAIL app on your iPhone, you can most easily download the physician contact list.
      2. To save battery, click on the "Fetch New Data" tab and turn "Push" to OFF, and set "Fetch" to MANUALLY. This makes it such that email doesn't just show up on your phone (meaning that your phone is continually checking for email using battery), but rather that it checks only when you open up your Mail App, which makes sense to me. If you want to see anytime you have new mail, then you should keep "Push" set to ON instead. (battery saver)
  2. Follow a few of the additional tips on this page (some have already been covered here)
  3. Make sure that you sync your iPhone regularily. This is how it gets new software updates and backs up everything that is on the phone.
  4. Make sure you know how to HARD RESET your iPhone if it freezes or won't turn on.
  5. Get a little iPhone speaker to put your phone into at night if it isn't loud enough to wake you up. Hopefully the next iPhone software update will allow you to continously repeat text message alerts until it is acknowledged and it will allow you to put whatever sound in there that you want instead of just using the factory alerts.