iPhone Tips & Tricks...because you won't read the whole manual on your own

  1. To delete a text message, just swipe your finger across it (left to right) in the main text message inbox. You don't have to click on EDIT, then DELETE for each one.

  2. Go to http://tools.anwresidency.com on your Safari Web Browser. Once you are there, click on the "+" sign at the bottom of the window.add bookmark1

    Click "Add to Home Screen".

    This will put a little icon for the toolset on your iPhone next to your other apps. You only have to log-in monthly to the toolset and your phone will remember the password for those 4 weeks.

  3. Go to http://anwpaging.com on your Safari Web Browser. Click on the paging icon at the top. When you get to the paging interface page, follows the same steps in #2 above and you will have a direct link to send pages from your iPhone using http://anwpaging.com on your iPhone (see image above)

  4. Connect your iPhone to the Abbott Northwestern wireless automatically when you enter the hospital. See this link.

  5. To put your cursor at a specific spot in order to add/delete text, hold your finger over the text and a magnifying glass will appear allowing you to directly put your cursor where you want it to go.

  6. You need to restart your iPhone regularily. This is important for a number of reasons. First, it allows your network settings to reset, finding the closest and strongest towers that are sending data and cellular signals to your phone. Secondly, when AT&T adjusts something in the network, they send out a little packet of inforomation to your iPhone. Your iPhone can only receive this update when it is restarted. This is also what you should do if you experience a delay in a text page, or a missed call that goes straight to voicemail (while you are in a spot that has cell signal, of course). Click here for instructions on restarting the phone. I do it every day when i walk into the hospital. Just like turning your pager on in the old days
  7. If you have an iPhone that "freezes" and doesn't want to restart. Attempt the restart procedure above 2-3 times holding the buttons for a long time. If it still is frozen, plug the phone into a computer with the usb cable and this usually resets the freeze. If you still have problems, call AT&T.
  8. Add the current contact list to your iPhone.