"OLE" Online Learning Environment

This G1 and G2 curriculum is done on-line except for the Cardiovascular system, which is done in conference with the heart sound simulator. The Cardiovascular System link at the bottom will take you to the presentations of the topics but there is no sound.
The link on each of the non-cardiovascular topics will take you to a video presentation.
When you have completed each section, email the faculty member listed below about your completion. You can also ask questions or make comments. We need to track your completion of these topics.
Faculty in charge: David Tierney
Making a Diagnosis: methods & tests (29 min) Interviewing (24 min) The Core Physical Exam and Vital Signs (20 min) Respiratory (21 min) Abdomen (14 min) Head, Face and Eye (27 min) Ears, Nose, Sinus and Oropharynx (16 min) Genital, Hernia and Rectal (16 min) Bones and Joints (20 min) Neck, Nodes, Hair and Nails (26 min) Systemic Disease Dermatology (18 min) Neuromuscular (25 min) Cardiovascular System Series (multiple)