TrackUS ultrasound tracking applicationtrackus IMBUS program

TrackUS: ultrasound tracking & credentialing at the point-of-care

The video below will give you a 23 minute in-depth look at the TrackUS application that has been developed in Abbott Northwestern Hospital's IMBUS (Internal Medicine Bedside UltraSound) program over the last 4 years. In 2014, the application was been converted to a web-based, device agnostic platform in hopes that other residency programs and medical schools implementing a point-of-care ultrasound curriculum could adapt this application to meet their specific needs instead of having to reinvent the wheel.

For information on the IMBUS Program, click HERE.

For information on using the TrackUS application as an option for your residency program or medical school, click HERE.


TrackUS: ultrasound tracking and credentialing at the point-of-care