• Big & Small

    A very close knit group within the Twin Cities largest quaternary care medical center

  • Bedside Ultrasound

    One of the country's most rigorous IM ultrasound programs: "IMBUS"

  • Integrated EMR

    One of the most integrated and fluid electronic medical records in the country

  • Diversity of Training

    Diverse patient population & excellent preparation for general, hospitalist, specialist, and academic careers

  • Procedures & Simulation

    Dedicated 1mo procedure rotation & extensive simulation-based training in the residency's Center for Clinical Simulation

  • Top 10%

    Our residents have certifying board exam rates in the top 10% nationwide

Review our Program's Aims & Goals in detail HERE

We hope that this dedicated section of our website provides you with a great summary of how we go about educating the best internal medicine physicians. However, the most important part of picking a residency program is how well it matches with your goals, personality and expectations. The only way you can really get a good feel for this is to spend some time with us on your interview day, or during another dedicated visit while you are in town.

Like all training programs you are considering, we strive to provide the best all-around training available, however there are some aspects of our program above that we feel truly set us apart from other Internal Medicine residency programs.

In addition, there are some questions that can't be answered by our website. Our administration, residents, and staff are always available for these questions when they arise.

You can navigate through individual topics from the list on the left, or you can click the applicant tour button below to start a walk-through of our entire program.