Our Residents

There are 33 resident positions, 11 in each of the three years of the program. Our residents come from medical schools throughout the country and world. Our program consistently fills its positions in the national resident matching program. Clinical skills, attitudes, interpersonal skills, diversity, and career goals continue to be our highest priority in selecting new residents. We look for a mix of allopathic, osteopathic, and international medical graduates that fit our mission each year.

Our Chief Residents

Three graduating residents are chosen each year to join the full time faculty for one year as Chief Residents. They are appointed, credentialed, and salaried as full faculty physicians. They spend the year in a vital educational and clinical role with modest administrative responsibility. Chief Residents also have time to pursue scholarly projects or additional clinical training of their choice. Our chief residents receive advanced training in point-of-care ultrasound within the IMBUS program, advanced invasive procedure training, and are serve as part of our ultrasound faculty and procedure team faculty at the bedside.

Our Faculty

The full-time faculty consists of over 50 full-time general internists and intensivists. Members of the faculty have received a variety of clinical teaching awards from the University of Minnesota Medical School. The faculty is also involved in clinical research and has an active publication record.

Our part-time faculty includes outstanding subspecialists in every area of internal medicine. Many of these subspecialist physicians have been full-time faculty members of other major teaching institutions and continue to devote considerable time to education and scholarly activity. The residents have extensive formal and informal interaction with subspecialists based at Abbott Northwestern: cardiology from the Minneapolis Heart Institute, gastroenterology from Minnesota Gastroenterology, infectious disease, hematology/oncology from Minnesota Oncology Hematology, PA, endocrine, rheumatology, intensive care medicine, pulmonology and sleep medicine from the Minnesota Lung Center, neurology from Noran Neurological Clinic, emergency medicine, dermatology, nephrology, palliative care, clinical ethics, and integrative medicine.